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Ted said:

Pay to play is the talks what do you say ?

Posted 11/02/2016 10:34 am

Ted said:

Every one remember 9/11...educate others around you. We, as long as we live should never allow 9/11 be forgotten There were two, World Trade Towers, NY and Benghazi, Libya...

Posted 09/10/2016 03:46 pm

Ted said:

Thank You for your support!

Posted 05/21/2016 09:36 am

Ted said:

My friends, I have other life situations trending now! please be patient if you don't hear from me for a day or two. By the Way, I will be out on an adventure of a life time beginning 1 May. Some of you may know about it from last fall. It begins with a train ride to LA. I will keep you all informed.

Posted 04/19/2016 09:53 am

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