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Male, 36, University Place WA

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Current OccupationClaims Adjustor
EducationPost Grad
Marital StatusSingle
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fatimah said:


Posted 05/21/2019 09:38 pm


Hey Reggie!

Posted 01/31/2018 01:05 am


Hey Reggie; where are you my friend?

Posted 12/12/2017 12:46 am


Sorry been away; tried to live a little bit! I'm back; missed all you guys..

Posted 12/07/2017 01:17 am

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About Me

Acting/Talent Experience:
I do not have any major acting/talent experience but I have the personality to get me in the door if given the opportunity. During my senior year of high school, I participated in a scholarship pageant and included a talent category (i.e. recite a poem, play a musical instrument) and I was not nervous being in front of large audiences. I hope to get more experience in acting in the future or get casted for a Reality TV show.
Am I affiliated with unions?:
A major event in my life was:
A major event that affected my life, was being homeless as a high school junior with my mom and two sisters. My family ended up homeless because my mother was evicted from her apartment due to noise complaints and domestic violence. My family was asked to leave the shelter because my mom did not obey the rules of the shelter. The experience was such an eye-opener and I gain a better appreciation for individuals who are homeless and have to survive on dangerous streets in America.
The accomplishment I am most proud of:
I was most proud of coming out to my parents and family as a black gay male. My parents embraced me with open arms when I shared the news and said they wish I would have told them sooner. I still have an email response that my dad wrote me in 2005 about me sharing my sexuality with him and the family. It was a blessing to feel the love and support from family and friends. To build the courage to tell them was huge, but to have their blessing was even greater.
An embarrassing story about me was:
When I was an Resident Advisor (RA) as an undergraduate in college, each floor in my residence hall participated in a Halloween decorating contest. Some of my male residents decided to take some of my valuable electronics:TV, stereo, and computer, etc as a joke. When I returned to my room, I was freaking out about our Halloween candy missing that I didn't even my valuable were gone. A few guys on my floor told me about my missing valuable and we laughed about me being more concerned about candy.
My favorite Movie:
Glory Road
My favorite TV Show:
My best Physical Trait is:
My ears for listening
Topics off limit to me at a party are:
I can really talk about any topic at a party but I tend to stay away from politics and social issues. No one wants to be a Debbie Downer at a party or cause a fight and I leave the controversial topics for another day.
Do I have tattoos or piercings:
I have a silly weird minor fear of tattoos and piercings and never plan to get them. There is not need to ink my body "when you would never put a bumper sticker on a Bentley". That's how I pretty much feel when it comes to tattoos and piercings. I did go through a phase where I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced but that didn't last too long.
The weirdest thing about me is:
The weirdest thing about me is that I do not like WATERMELON. It's the grossest food ever and I'm not sure why people eat it. My siblings tried to get me to eat it at a young age, but it did not work. They tried salt, sugar, seedless watermelon, chopped up chunks, slices, etc. but nothing worked. I guess I'm the only black person who does not eat watermelon HAHA. My family and others tease me about watermelon but the taste of watermelon has never done it for me LOL.
My friends would say my best qualities are:
My friends would say my best qualities are: patience, my smile, and being polite. I always hear from friends that I'm very patient with people and considerate of where people are in their lives. Being from a large family and having 10 siblings has helped me with my patience. Also, friends love my smile because it brightens their day and cheers them up. I love my smile and it's been called the MILLION DOLLAR SMILE. Finally, being polite is a natural trait. I don't think I could even fight a fly.
My friends would say my worst qualities are:
My friends would say that my worst qualities are: being too nice and not being aggressive. I have had a lot of individuals take advantage of my kindness and it always comes back to bite me later. I have gotten better at not always saying YES, but there is still room for improvement. Also, in a small or large group of dominant personalities, I can get lost in the crowd. However, when I speak, people do listen. But I'm not always aggressive with dominant personalities are around.
The personality traits I most like about myself are:
The personality traits that I like most about myself are that I'm funny, outgoing, and gregarious. People always tell me that I'm funny and that "I'm too much" but I want people to feel good about themselves and not always focus on negative situations. Also, I'm very outgoing and people like being around me because I am chill and down to earth. I get along with most people and don't bring major drama. Finally, I'm very gregarious. I always hear I'm good with others because I'm open minded.
The personality traits I like least about myself are:
The personality traits that I like least about myself are that I can be gullible and worry about my appearance too much. I seem to fall for shenanigans from others because I always want to believe that their word is true. However, I can get played for a fool and need to work on that. Also, I wish that I would not always care about my facial appearance. I don't have bad facial skin but I wish it could be better. I've tried so many facial products but wish I could just have clear, bright skin.
Miscellaneous Information:
I'm the oldest child out of 7 sisters and 3 (step) brothers. To my name, I have two college degrees and a huge passion for sports as a black gay male. Some don't understand this passion but sports get my juices flowing and my dream would be working at ESPN or CBS sports. In addition, I hope to obtain my passport in 2011 and travel outside of the USA for the first time in my life. I don't own a car, enjoy video games, movies, reality TV shows, eating out, exercising, and running. That's about it!