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'RHONY' Episode Recap: Tequila-thon

Posted on 07/27/2017 by RealityWanted and General News

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The Real Housewives of New York... they drink, they fight, they drink, they fall in the bushes, they go to bed. Then they wake up the next morning to sunrise yoga and huevos rancheros. Tinsley even got flowers from her new boyfriend, yep she called him her boyfriend (the cutie patootie Carole hooked her up with). Cue the awwwwwww! Unfortunately she's not left in fantasyland because the Page Six article is brought back up. Everyone knows Sonja put the "bad house guest" story into the media and all they want her to tell the truth and admit she is attention-seeking.

In order to get away from the psychosis of Ramona and her minion Sonja, the rest of the girls go surfing. Including LuAnn who must be nursing one hell of a hangover from the night before. Saltwater is good for headaches, right? What if the headache has a name,,, ahem, Ramona, we're looking at you.

Bethenny couldn't quite shake Ramona from this "group" trip, nor can she shake her from the business part of Bethenny's mini-vacay. Ramona is doing all she can to suck up to Bethenny, including using LuAnn's cash to purchase gifts for her frenemy. While Dorinda believes Bethenny would never leave anyone out, which quite possibly may be the truth... it seems more simply obvious that Ramona is not above groveling and weaseling her way into places she shouldn't be. All Bethenny can do is beg that Ramona not embarrass her.

After taking helicopters to their destination, they are greeted with Mexican performers, Skinny Girl drinks, and an agave tour. But more importantly they are headed to a tequila taste-testing. Funny enough the alcohol doesn't make them sick, Ramona's kissing ass does. It's one thing to work your way into an event you weren't really wanted at, it's quite the other to essentially sit in Bethenny's lap and shove it in her face how much you loooooove her. We get it, we get it. And no one believes it.

Photo by: Paul Cheney/Bravo


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