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'RHONY': Regency Reunion Episode Recap

Posted on 06/24/2017 by RealityWanted in The Real Housewives and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


Sonja's lover, Frenchi, is well aware of her other relationship with her boyfriend, Rocco. He sounds a little less than thrilled about the union but Sonja has no intention of ending either relationship until she's good and ready. But remember, Frenchi now lives with her so there's no doubt there's pressure for exclusivity. Even Sonja is having difficulty separating her realities, disclosing all info of each partner to the other. She really believes that she's treating them both with respect, and one could suppose that the men feel the same because they're not going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Carole has no issue with being monogamous but she's kicking her live-in boyfriend to the curb. They're not breaking up, they're just keeping the mystery in the relationship by having their own space.

If you ever wondered where Tinsley gets the moolah for her fabulous life, she would like everyone to know that she does business development for the family office, plus she has family money. So that $9,000 per month rent she keeps walking into during her apartment search isn't something she even blinks at. That's $108,000 per year... which could buy a house in a lot of cities in the US.

Speaking of apartment searching, Bethenny is selling her apartment she won in the divorce with Bravo alum Fredrik Eklund. While everyone loves his harsh truths, the fact that he wants her to throw out a $40,000 bar is crushing. But, this also means she is looking for a new place for herself. In real like real-time, it has been announced that Bethenny and Fredrik are pairing up for a show (everything real estate) together. What can't this woman do? Well, she can't go to Ramona's house-warming party on the Upper East Side. Ramona has decided to go from traditional to edgy (her version of edgy is all-white) and she wants to show that her renovation reflects the new and improved Ramona. Ok, new-ish and not-so-improved... pretty much the exact same.

Let's talk for a moment about Harry, Ramona's "friend". He has also been with LuAnn and Sonja, apparently. So basically he's another Tom. What is with NYC men working through social circles? Let's also talk about his way inappropriate comment to Tinsley (who he has known for several years). "It looks great.... on your chest," he says about her cross necklace. Yuck. And then he asks Sonja (his ex) to spin for him. Ew. But really, what was Sonja thinking with this invite list anyway?? As it would turn out, she has also invited Tom's (LuAnn's new husband) ex, Missy, who gets the second degree by Harry who is trying to catch everyone in a few lies. Because what's not fun about ruining a marriage?

Photo by: Patrick Ecclesine/Bravo


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