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'Ladies of London': LOL: Tarts and Tartans Recap

Posted on 01/12/2017 by Elizabeth in Ladies of London and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


Do you remember in grade school when you had a new best friend every week? The kind of relationship where as soon as they pissed you off you moved on to someone else, but then you came back together a week or two later? These ladies are the epitome of that, only they're "adults".

Sophie and Caroline S. have made a pact that they will no longer speak ill of one another. OR, as we like to saying the real world, Caroline S. will do whatever she pleases but Sophie is demanded to be loyal or be damned. This upsets Julie, who really wants Sophie to hear all of her grievances about Caroline S. Which include, but are not limited to, the girls trip to Scotland being "rule-free"... just to stick it to Julie's prior family estate trip and her flip-out about Julie's rules. But, c'mon... rules at an estate is kind of a no-brainer, right? A girls trip, maybe not so much. Just to stick it back to her, Julie would like to remind us all that the Scotland castle is, in fact, rented. Oooh, burn!

Julie also starts a fight between Marissa and Caroline S. about purported rumors about Caroline S.'s move to Dubai. Marissa is adamant that she did not start them, but throws Juliet under the bus with her. So now the animosity is between Marissa and Juliet. But wait, the chain doesn't end there. Juliet is now in a disagreement with Adela who disclosed at dinner that she tried to commit suicide during her addiction. Why would anyone fight with her over this, you ask?? Well, Juliet feels that suicide is "selfish" and behaves extremely condescendingly to Adela regarding her struggles.

At breakfast after a disastrous dinner the night before, the women decide that chaos must ensue. Everyone jabs at each other, no one is safe and three women walk out of the room. Mind you, they're all still in their pajamas so perhaps they're a little hungover and that's why the emotions are so high.

Photo by Bravo (via Ladies of London Facebook)


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