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'Botched by Nature': Collapsed In & Busted Out

Posted on 09/22/2016 by Elizabeth in Botched and General News

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by Ashley Thompson


No too far from LA is Phoenix, golf courses and now the Doctors. Nicole has Wegener's Granulomatosis which is a very rare disease. Basically it is a vasculitis that collapses blood vessels that can effect sinuses, throat, lungs, kidneys and possibly even cause death. In 2009 she was very sick and through biopsies learned that she had Wegener's Granulomatosis. As a child she had a sweet little button nose but after her diagnosis her nose started to "smoosh" against her face. All the cartilage had fallen apart because there was no blood flow. They directed her to a plastic surgeon who put a silicon tip in. A week later she had an infection and the tip had to be removed. Both she and her doctor were devastated but it was important that getting her disease dormant to prevent future problems. Now that her disease is manageable Dr. Nassif is confident he is able to help her. There is always, however, the risk of her disease reacting.

Since there's no blood supply, putting in a foreign object like silicon isn't wise. The other options are cartilage from rib or ear and reconstruct her nose with object that her body obviously won't reject. The get the skin on her nose healthier means they will have to place flap of skin on her face to keep it healthy, remove it, then place it on her nose. Nicole is understandably weirded out about the "finger" on her nose but the good news is that Dr. Nassif is confident the skin flap has great blood supply. At her reveal she looks stunning. From going to doctors who didn't know what her condition was, to looking back to her old self means her tumultuous 5 years are over.

In Brooklyn is Sharice. She has gigantomastia where both breasts are so overdeveloped that they form functional deformities. Poor Sharice has the worst case Dr. Dubrow has ever seen. Apparently she was born with "little boobies" and started wearing bras around 6 years old. In high school her left breast stopped growing but her right breast kept getting larger. Asymmetric virginal breast hypertrophy is so rare that it has a special section of medical literature. A severe case of gigantomastia probably happens in less than 1% of diagnosed cases. Dr. Dubrow understands that she will feel better with a reduction, but he also understands the emotional components involved in looking "normal", especially for a young woman.

First, Dr. Dubrow needs to do liposuction in order remove a lot of breast tissue without disruption the blood supply. Then he will staple up the breasts to simulate a lift before he works on symmetry and nipples. Her reveal is at a water park. Her first visit to a water park... in a low-cut bathing suit! She is so happy, her back doesn't hurt, her breasts are even and she is 100% more confident.

Photo by: E! Entertainment


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