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Biggest Loser: I Got the Power; the Final Cut

Posted on 02/16/2016 by Elizabeth in The Biggest Loser and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


There's 6 contestants left and the competition is getting tougher. After the first climbing challenge the winner gets a one pound advantage plus they get to give a one pound disadvantage to another player. The first winner is Erin but she won't give out the disadvantage until the weigh-in. During the week everyone is trying to smooth talk her into giving the pound to someone else. From tears to manipulation to guilt, they are putting it all out there to sway her decision. Erin's biggest concern is that it could backfire and change the competition in a way that wouldn't favor her becoming the winner.

Erin decides to give the one pound disadvantage to Roberto.
Stephen - 228 to 219, down 9 pounds
Jacky - 229 to 221, down 8 pounds
Colby - 249 to 238, down 11 pounds
Felicia - 183 to 179, down 4 pounds
Erin - 182 to 179, down 3 pounds with a 1 pound advantage
Roberto - 230 to 240, down 10 pounds with a 1 pound disadvantage

Roberto gives a good talking-to to America exclaiming that he understands what it's like to be fat and lazy... STOP DOING IT AMERICA! GET ACTIVE! The two players below the yellow line are Erin and Felicia. After winning the first challenge and getting and advantage at weigh-in, Erin was voted off.

The next challenge for the top five in the last week is running uphill with all the weight they've lost put back on (in a body suit). At each checkpoint they will take off the weights equal to the amount they lost that week. The winner gets a choice between changing their life and changing the game. The first to the top of the hill was Roberto, he gets to choose between $25,000 or a 2 pound advantage at weigh-in as his reward. He choses the 2 pound advantage (that must have been a really difficult decision).

Before the end of the week Dr. H comes in for a check-up. Felicia has had the biggest amount of inches off of her waist even though she's lost the least amount of weight. Their group blood pressure was 150/94, now it's 119/62, which is a 30% drop. Roberto is off his blood pressure pills. As a group they have lost 437 pounds up to this point.

Roberto - 240 to 234, down 6 pounds with a 2 pound advantage
Jacky - 221 to 215, down 6 pounds
Stephen - 219 to 209, down 10 pounds
Felicia - 179 to 176, down 3 pounds
Colby - 238 to ?

Instead of letting us know who is going into the finale between Jacky and Colby, they leave us hanging saying "To Be Continued". UGH!! All we know is Felicia is out and Roberto and Stephen are definitely headed to the finale.


Photo credit: NBC


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