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Kate Plus 8: Blind Date

Posted on 01/21/2016 by Elizabeth in Kate Plus 8 and General News

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By Ashley Thompson


Kate is headed on a blind date thanks to her make-up artist, Deana. Her biggest concern outside of her children is growing old alone, but with Deana's help maybe she'll find some company. He's from NYC, a runner, Naval Academy graduate, into sailing, but has no kids. No. Kids. Um... way to throw him into the deep end. When her kids are interviewed separately they are in 100% support of Kate finding someone and even possibly getting married in the future. Sweet kids. Let's just ask one question, who is willing to do this on tv and should that concern Kate? Second question? Does this guy know who Kate is? Deana doesn't seem to think he knows very much... or maybe he doesn't care. Seeing she took a limo to NYC, then a helicopter ride, then a fancy dinner, makes it seem this man means business. Does a mom of 8 who lives on a farm (kind of) need all this fancy on a first date? Why the hell not!

On their sunset helicopter ride over NYC they also get a little bit of a role coaster ride courtesy of the pilot. Funny how Kate doesn't like germy water parks but loves private flights that dip. During dinner Kate seemed to open up and enjoy herself for a moment... Cracking jokes, flirting a little. Her main message to her potential beau is "someone willing to take on 8 kids, you have to be pretty tough". In his personal interview he admits to never seeing the show and having a great time. That doesn't make the end of the date any less awkward, but she does have 8 kids watching. A selfie to Deana will have to do.


Photo credit: TLC


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