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Fat March Finale.... Is it really over already?

Posted on 09/13/2007 by RealityWanted in Fat March

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l_1c756045ff53158177a8e956acb63c98.jpgI'll admit, I've been dragging my feet, not wanting to write up my recap on Fat March, because that would solidify that it is over. That I'm not going to be watching folks I've come to think of as friends battle their weight as I battle my own.

But here I am, ready to write my final thoughts on ABC's first weight loss reality show.

Stage 6 of Fat March started with tension in the air. After Anthony's vote off, Jami Lyn was frustrated, and missing someone she really cared about. Her grudge against those who had voted against Anthony was apparent, and she was kicking around walking all the way to DC only to stop 1 step away from the finish line. This move would cost every person on Fat March $40,000.

On top of her emotional strain, Jami Lyn's knee started acting up pretty bad, sending her to the hospital and setting her back 6 miles. She had to make these miles up before marathon day, when the marchers would be expected to walk a full 26.2 miles!

Michael, being a good friend, walked back with Jami Lyn, making sure she kept pace, and boosting her spirits. They walked the miles for the day, but on marathon day, both Jami Lyn and Michael would have to walk over 33 miles in one day to catch up!

The day of the marathon, most of the marchers just plugged along, making sure to finish. The group had come a long way from the unhealthy folks in Boston who couldn't walk 5 miles! Steve and Lorrie waited, as they do, at the finish line to see the contestants as they completed a marathon.

Shea came jogging up when she finished, as did Chantal, who kicked it into gear even though she struggled with the last few miles. The Fat March team crossed the line, one by one... and the question on everyone's mind was if Jami Lyn and Michael could catch up. With 33 miles in one day required in order to do it, I had my doubts, for sure.

Lo and behold, with 20 minutes to spare, the two come walking around the corner! That is amazing, the two of them walked 33.2 miles in 9.5 hours. That's an average of 3.5 miles an hour, which is incredible for that length of time.

You'd think after walking more miles than most people drive each day to work, that the marchers might get an easier day for their challenge. Nope. They had a strawberry challenge, having to fill baskets of strawberries, buckets of ice, and the first person to make a smoothie one a killer home gym, personal training and a gym membership.

From the beginning, Shea and Sam were neck and neck, vying for the prize. Sam, in fact, had a lead on Shea for quite a bit of the challenge. But in the end, Shea kicked it into high gear and finished her smoothie in first place, winning her third challenge! Part of the prize included that they give the same package to another contestant, and she chose Loralie, who came in dead last.

This brings us to the last day of the march, 12 miles into our nation's capital, Washington DC. Waiting at the finish line were Steve, Lorrie and a passle of friends and family. Jami Lyn and Michael went through first, and I shed tears of joy as they reunited with their children. The is the one thing I am not sure that as a contestant, I would have been able to stand, missing my girls. My heart filled watching everyone embrace, and the looks of sheer delight on children's faces.

As the marchers continued pouring in, more wonderful exchanges with loved ones were caught on camera, my favorite being Loralie's adorable husband holding a sign that said "There Go My Baby Mama!" What a gift that after this march, they are going to start trying to have the children her doctor said she was too heavy to bear before.

The weigh ins were no less than incredible, and the transformations of the contestants unbelievable.

  • Jami Lyn - 186lbs, 50 lost

  • Chantal - 199lbs, 51 lost

  • Sam - 297lbs, 85 lost

  • Michael - 239lbs, 80 lost

  • Loralie - 185lbs, 56 lost

  • Shea - 234lbs, 55 lost

Fat March, since its inception, has challenged its critics that overweight people can be pushed as hard as anyone else, and that walking along with a healthy diet will, indeed provide astonishing transformation.

With any new show, there will be some glitches, some areas we at home would like to change. Were there areas of Fat March that I would like to see done differently next season? Absolutely. I'd like to see more of the people, more of the time spent camping, more of the day to day exchanges and less of the surface drama that didn't matter.

I would enjoy watching footage of Steve being Steve, having fun and entertaining folks. I know this film is there, it just didn't make it on air! Let's go more into detail with the exercise and eating education, getting the viewers involved more with what each marcher is doing. Bring in a finale show, so that the contestants could reunite and be on air months after they have been at home! (There is another weight loss reality show that does that, and it's one of my favorite parts) And finally, make the show last a full season, give us 10 episodes at least so we can really get to know the people on it!

Fat March, in my book, was definitely a success. For most of us at home, the message of empowerment that it sent was spot on. Because really, who can't walk? You don't have to spend hundreds of bucks on a gym membership, or buy fancy equipment, and you don't have to spend all day doing it. Just walk. Get moving. Watch your food intake, and you'll be thrilled at the results that come your way.

Thank you, ABC for bringing us a weight loss show with something different. I hope we get to see more next season!

Congratulations to the marchers, $40,000 richer and lookin' fine!


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