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The Glass House: Episode 6 Recap

Posted on 07/24/2012 by Gina in The Glass House

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The Glass House


by Kylene Hamulak


With the alliance of Mike and Kevin struggling to survive in The Glass House as their numbers dwindle, the drama is heating up. The episode begins with Andrea and Holly in Limbo while the house starts to plan a kissing contest with Jeffrey. Yep, Jeffrey. THAT Jeffrey.


Right, so, yeah, there's that. Erica starts things off and tells us she's imagining that Jeffrey is Kevin the entire time, until she grabs for his neck and gets jowls "significantly softer" than Kevins's. When it's Joy's turn to perform (which, trust me, was exactly what she did), Gene does not look happy. Mike is a little bit too excited about how dirty the scene is, but Kevin has the best face. I literally paused my dvr and laughed for five minutes about it. In case you REALLY wanted to know who won this dysfunctional contest, the other players vote Joy the win for showmanship and Erica wins the prize for authenticity.


The prize for both of them is knowing they kissed Jeffrey. I'm not sorry I wasn't in the running for that competition.


But enough about that, it's time to learn what the viewers have decided will be the next odd task for the house: walking backwards for the next 24 hours. In addition to that, the players dress up as their high school "personas" for a party: Erica is the drama queen, Jeffrey is class clown, Joy is the tease, Kevin is the jock, Gene is class president, Mike is the bully, and Stephanie is the nerd.


It's all fun and games until bedtime, however. Erica insists she's going to spoon in Kevin's bed, so Kevin enlists Stephanie to get her out of his room. It really does feel like high school as a humiliated Erica cries back in her own bed.


Since apparently the theme of this episode is "parties", we're treated to the house Toga Party next, where Kevin explains to Erica that he only kicked her out of his bed because they were both drunk, and he'd rather make bad decisions when he's sober. Erica's reply: "Aren't we always just waiting for a time when we're drunk to make out with each other?" She's kind of right.


As this is all happening, however, the rest of the housemates are listening to Mike's version of the story, which is pissing Joy off. She thinks that the man should pull a woman aside and privately discuss things before everyone else knows about it. Then she brings Kevin's daughter into it and both Mike and Gene warn her that that's off limits, and, once again, Joy gets offended and runs off to her room.


That's not the end of it though. As Gene talks to Stephanie about how he feels like he is always the bad guy, Joy overhears and - once again - gets pissed off. This time, however, she takes her blanket and runs off to the couch to sleep because, remember, she and Gene are currently sharing the Friends Room.


Ready for more drama? Despite her claims of not wanting more drama in the house, Joy pretty much immediately tells Eric exactly what went down with Mike in regards to Kevin, so OF COURSE she has to run and address the issue. As if THAT ever ended well. The funny part is that it's JOY and Mike that end up arguing. Why? Because Joy thinks Mike shouldn't be speaking on Kevin's behalf.


Ummmm....Joy? Isn't that EXACTLY what you're doing for Erica right now?


Well, anyway, enough of that, let's return to the drama of Limbo. It turns out that Andrea returns while Holly is eliminated, and Kevin and Mike are happy that she's back. Gene thinks the viewers are going to keep Joy in for his benefit, which all of the housemates find amusing. Erica's reaction to Joy's announcement that she is NOT Gene's concubine was probably my favorite.


When the captains for this week's teams are announced, the alliance FINALLY has something to be happy about: Mike is chosen, but it's Stephanie with the lowest number of votes. Kevin notes that he doesn't know anything about this game, ‘cause he thought she was on top of the heap. Stephanie thinks her logical side makes it hard for people to get close to her, and that lack of connection is hurting her.


So the teams stack up like this: Mike has Gene, Jeffrey, and Andrea and Stephanie takes Erica, Joy, and Kevin. It's strategy on Mike's part to protect either himself or Kevin, but it seems like a risky move.


The challenge for this week is some sort of giant puzzleboard and a giant decoder wheel. It....is kind of awesome for a nerd. I want to play this game. Stephanie's team does well, but Gene is the puzzle solver for Mike's team, and Mike describes him as a drunk tree stump. Gene thinks Mike is the reason they're slow.


The teams learn that the puzzle solver of the winning team will receive a trip to Las Vegas (the answer to the puzzle) as a bonus prize. Stephanie's team completed the challenge in 11:37, while Mike's team came in at 17:23, making Stephanie's team the winners. So now it sucks for Mike and Kevin's alliance, and Jeffrey wants to play the game and sacrifice himself to Limbo, in an effort to ensure Mike's elimination.


As we watch the players cast their votes, Gene has the most annoying cast off I've seen yet, in which he gestures as if he has pulled out his pulsating heart to throw it at the glass. COME ON. Well, whatever. When the stupid votes are tallied, Jeffrey has received ALL the votes.


So moving into the next episode, Jeffrey and Mike will be in Limbo. It was a bold move on Jeffrey's part, and it will be quite interesting to see how it plays out. Did he read the audience correctly? Do people want to see him return and watch Kevin try to survive without his partner? Or has he mispredicted the public?



The Glass House airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.


(Image courtesy of ABC)


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