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Ghost Hunters Season 8: Episode 12 Recap

Posted on 05/16/2012 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters


by Chad Alan


"Please Sign the Ghostbook"


Spalding Inn- Whitefield, N.H.


Okay, so we are finally at TAPS co-founder Grant Wilson's final investigation.  Syfy has been reminding us for weeks that Grant was leaving the Ghost Hunters show.  I feel terrible for saying this, but I'm not sure I'm that broken up about it.  Maybe I'm in denial.  Maybe it's because he'll still be around as a member of the TAPS organization and, I'm sure, making some random appearances for however long the show will run.  Maybe it's because it's T.V. and he's as dry as sand, I don't know.  Grant appears to be a good and likable person so we wish him the best in his side endeavors.  He's been part of a show that pretty much put Syfy on the map and brought on a whole new audience and that cannot be argued.  He's a rock star in the paranormal research community and the TAPS team seems to be taking his exit pretty hard. Now on to the Spalding Inn.


The Spalding Inn was bought and renovated by TAPS co-founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson a few years ago.  The hotel has had a history of paranormal activity stretching the full 80 + years of its existence and apparently the hauntings are not slowing down.  The bed in breakfast like Inn is only a few stories high and is made up of multiple buildings freshly painted blue with white trim. Each room is decorated like a warm country home, and the staff aims to make you feel like a visiting neighbor.  The spirits though, well, they want to creep you out.  Doors and drawers open and close, window shades go up and down, footsteps from empty rooms above are heard along with pots and pans being rattled in an unoccupied kitchen.  Ghostly apparitions of both men and woman dressed in modern and period attire make their presence known by touching people and pulling their hair, when not hanging out at the bar waiting to be served.  Doors sometimes won't open, as if somebody on the other side is making sure the handle doesn't turn and beds are said to be pushed together without the help of the staff.  You didn't think Jason and Grant would just buy any old Holiday Inn did you?


Jason and Grant started out in the carriage house, which happens to be the most haunted of the buildings.  Footsteps from the empty floor above them caught their attention.  As they headed upstairs and started entering some of the rooms, one of the dead bolt locks to room #17 kept re-locking itself as Jason would turn the key to unlock it.  When they were finally able to get access to the room, of course, nobody was there and they couldn't debunk the locks action.  They headed to the 2nd floor of a part of the Inn called The Wing and were greeted by doors opening, EMF detectors going off, and just strange activity.  The experience left them baffled.  They headed down to the kitchen where they began an EVP session, which lit up their EMF detector like a Christmas tree.  The same situation happened in the dining room area.  Something or someone was doing its best to try and communicate with them. 


Brett Griffith and K.J. McCormick set up a bunch of equipment on the 2nd floor of The Wing.  Temperature gauges, EMF detectors, motion detectors....you name it.  As their temperature began going off, they noticed a shadow figure at the end of the hall.  As K.J. walked down the hall, one of the doors to a room just opened by itself.  The rest of their equipment started going off as well, detecting some type of energy being created in the hall.


Amy Bruni and Adam Berry headed to the carriage house.  They entered room #7, where many guests have reported paranormal activity.  Something pounded on the window a few times and the shade decided to correct move on its own, which was then followed by a sliding noise and footsteps coming from room #13 on the next floor above.  No other investigators where in the house and this was all audible to the viewers.


Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango headed to the carriage house and infamous room #7.  They opened a bunch of drawers and hoped when they returned to the room the drawers would be closed.  Footsteps from the floor above caused them to head up to the second floor.  Their EMF detector flat lined, hitting its highest readings, which was then followed by a female voice in the distance. 


Every team member experienced footsteps coming from down the hall or from empty floors above where they were investigating.  On two separate occasions both Amy and Jason heard a female call out their name.  Both of these instances were recorded on their audio recorders.  Unidentifiable noises rang out through the night and the team had plenty of personal experiences to verify that there is certainly paranormal activity at the Spalding Inn and reservations should start picking up. 


The Ghost Hunters show is now on a long hiatus, as they finish taping for next season set to begin again in September. 


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(Image courtesy of Syfy)


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