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Ghost Hunters Season 8: Episode 8 Recap

Posted on 04/11/2012 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters

 Story By: Chad Alan




Lambda Chi Fraternity House - University of Rhode Island, Kingston


A young girl, who is referred to as Abigail, is said to have fallen to her death in the house built in 1936 that is now run by the Lambda Chi Fraternity.  The brothers believe Abigail is responsible for the paranormal activity that seems to encase their house.  Footsteps coming from an empty attic and the apparition of a woman just add to the other stories of bed sheets being pulled and doors closing without assistance.  White mists have been reported and when the house is mostly empty, those who are still around, seem to get picked on by whatever spirits consider this their playground.  It is actually not uncommon for fraternity houses that have been passed down through the decades to breed paranormal activity as members who have passed on come back to try and relive what some consider to be the best years of their life.  Of course I couldn't go on without mentioning Delta Chi, Miami University.  There, done. 


TAPS co-founders Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes started their investigation in the attic.  They laid down some equipment to track electromagnetic fields and temperature changes and immediately began an EVP session to try and get in touch with Abigail.  As they began asking questions some voices caught their attention followed by the alarm on their EMF pod going off, signaling some type of presence.  When a spirit is trying to manifest itself, an energy that can be tracked is admitted and picked up by various devices.  The EMF detector went silent and whatever was trying to show itself had dissipated.  When they played back the tape of their EVP session, a heavy breathing sound that was not audible at the time, showed up on their recording.  They got another EVP that said "Who's that?" which came about as they were heading down to the basement area.  Next stop for them was the secret staircase where Abigail is said to have fallen to her death.  They measured very high EMF readings in one particular area of the staircase that could be fueling the brothers feeling very uneasy and paranormal activity. 


Amy Bruni and Adam Berry headed to the basement to investigate a door to a storage room that seems to seal itself shut even though there are no latches on the inside of the door to keep it shut.  With no activity to measure, they headed up to the Attic but their attention was immediately redirected to loud footsteps on the floor below them.  The only other team members in the house were down in the basement. 


Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango headed to the living quarters where many apparitions have been reported along with people's bed sheets being pulled during the night.  They believed they might have debunked the report of one particular door slamming by itself, simply due to the way it was installed.  They left multiple pieces of video and audio gadgets running before heading to the attic where they would both report hearing the sound of some knocks and a scratching sound, which was audible to the viewer.  The attic area seemed to be a hotspot during the night's investigation.


What may be disturbing for the brothers of Lambda Chi is that TAPS did some research and could not find any mention of a girl named Abigail living or dying in the house but multiple families had lived there in the past.  The disturbing part is that if this is not Abigail causing the paranormal activity, who is it?


USCGC Taney - Baltimore, Maryland


The Taney was built in 1936 as a "cutter" ship for the coast guard and served in the attack on Pearl Harbor, rescuing victims from the water.  It is the last remaining warship that was part of the Pearl Harbor attack.  It was decommissioned in 1988 and now resides in the Baltimore Harbor. Apparitions of male sailors, shadow figures, Japanese voices, footsteps, sounds of machines running when all ship equipment is turned off, and ship lights turning on and off by themselves are the paranormal activities that have been reported.


Jason and Grant headed to the Captain's quarters where the caretakers seem to get the feeling that they are not welcomed.  A whistle coming from the floor above them caught their attention and they found their equipment alarm sounding when they reached the area.  The sound of someone heading down the stairs and then trying to open the door followed a giggling noise, audible to the viewers.  No one else was investigating this part of the ship but them.  When they played back the recording it actually sounded like someone giving an order as the sentence on the recorder was longer then the audible part they had experienced.  They headed down to the living quarters were they were greeted by a scratching noise coming from one of the beds followed by, what Jason describes as, a rolling of a coin. 


One of the more interesting things occurred when Steve and Dave were in the Captain's Quarters.  For what seemed like multiple minutes, the sound of switches being turned on and off could be heard in every room and were reported by team members in various parts of the ship.  The team felt it may just be coming from the pipes caused by the heating system turning on.  They decided to throw the evidence out but this may very well be what the caretakers are hearing that is spooking them out.


Britt Griffith joined Adam in the boiler room where shadow figures have been reported.  It wasn't long before Adam believed he saw a shadow figure go past them and then they noticed one chain, of three chains, swinging as if something had brushed past it.  When Jason and Grant headed down there a very audible voice came out of nowhere and this was not long after Jason believed he had seen a figure in the distance.  The voice seemed to be coming from the ships speaker system, which conveniently no longer works in the area were the sound was recorded.


TAPS was very impressed with the paranormal activity that was occurring on the ship and it wouldn't be a stretch to call it haunted.


Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy. 


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