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Live to Dance: Episode 5 Recap

Posted on 01/26/2011 by Kristal in Live To Dance

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Live to Dance


Tonight on Live to Dance, the last of the semi-finalists perform for their shot to the finals. Also, America’s decision from last week is announced. After the experts voted for White Tree Fine Art to move on, America was left to choose between Jalen, Twitch, DuShaunt, Dax & Sarah, and Dance in Flight. I thought it was really a battle between just Jalen and Twitch, since the other acts had their flaws. America went with Twitch and sounds like it wasn’t even a close race! The judges are pleased and the group is ecstatic. I hope Jalen continues dancing and we see him on another show soon!

Dance Town Chaos – They’ve been dancing together for about 9 years now! They constantly adapt to the strengths of new members and work together to put together a masculine and engaging contemporary routine. Dancing to “A Man’s World” they had some great formations and unique moves. Paula loved them so much, she gave them a standing ovation. She was practically speechless at first, just exclaiming “WOW!” and thought it was breathtaking. She loves that they are showing America that athletic men are not limited to just football or baseball, but contemporary dance as well. Travis thought they surpassed their audition piece; it was beautiful and masculine, with great artistry. Kimberly loves that they showcase the strengths of the group throughout the whole production. An easy decision – 3 Gold Stars.

Jill & Jacob – close friends from very different dance backgrounds, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with this week. While most groups were willing to do whatever Paula said during mentoring, Jacob was adament that he wasn’t going to let her change too much because it’s them up on that stage, not her. They had a lot of really great tricks and partner work. However, Travis wasn’t impressed. He loved their audition piece so much more; this story just didn’t connect with him. Kimberly loved Jill’s performance, but wasn’t impressed with Jacob. Paula loved their improvement throughout the week, but doesn’t think it was their best performance. In the end, they get 2 Red Stars and 1 Gold Star from Paula. They’ll have to hope America liked them much more than the judges.

Roosevelt Anderson – Growing up in Brooklyn shaped his dance style, which is a fusion of skywalking and bone breaking. Dancing to “Rocketeer” by Far East Movement, he did a lot of gliding and skywalking, but not enough bone breaking for Kimberly’s tastes. Luckily, Paula disagrees. She loved working with him throughout the week and thought he was a joy to watch with his passion and enthusiasm. Travis was skeptical he’d be able to follow up his audition piece, but he did and thought he made it look easy. 2 Gold Stars and 1 Red Star from Kimberly.

Tap Sounds Underground – They met each other 15 years ago, as teacher and student, and have been dancing together ever since. They mic’d their feet this time and I just love hearing tap when it’s done well. They were so in synce and just creating music with their feet. They also incorporated modern music to modernize this older dance style. The crowd seemed to love their fast feet! Paula thinks they’re the closest thing to perfection as far as tap goes. She loves that they pay homage to the old tap stars, and thinks Fred Astaire and the others are smiling down on them after that routine. Travis thought it was great and loved that they are paying an homage to an important part of the dance world. Kimberly loved it, but wants them to breathe more life into tap and bring it to the masses. Paula thinks they already are! 2 Gold Stars and 1 Red Star from Kimberly.

Shore Thing – It’s like a younger version of Twitch! There’s only one boy, surrounded by 18 girls. I wish the camera had zoomed in on more of the detail; girls were bending backwards, doing flips, and more that I couldn’t really see from the far angle of the camera. Kimberly was very impressed with their gymnastics and dance ability at such a young age. Paula loved their spacing and storytelling. Travis thought they weren’t perfect, especially with their timing, but they were very close. They earned an impressive 3 Gold Stars.

Kendall Glover – She was the last act the experts picked to make it to the semi-finals. She brought up a good point: no soloist has made it through to the finals, so she has a lot of work ahead of her. Dancing to “Firework” by Katy Perry, she just lit up that stage! Travis thought it was an appropriate song choice since she’s a little firework. He thought she was a joy to watch, yet gave her a Red Star because he thinks she could do better. Kimberly thinks she’s so talented, the only thing she needs work on is pushing through her lines to make them not just athletic, but artistic. Paula just loved her performance and loved working with her. She was so dedicated and prepared throughout the week and that came through in the performance. 2 Gold Stars and 1 Red Star from Travis.

With the experts split on so many acts, with only two acts getting 3 Gold Stars, it’ll be interesting to see who they push through to the finals and who America decides on as well. Coming into this week, I thought Jill & Jacob were the act to beat, but after a weak performance it’s anyone’s week.

The experts picked Dance Town Chaos to move forward! They had a fantastic performance this week and the only group that the experts didn’t have any negative things to say.

That leaves Shore Thing, Jill & Jacob, Kendall, Roosevelt, and Tap Sounds Underground hoping for America’s vote. I think America’s going to vote for Shore Thing – cute kids with a great routine, that’s a lethal combination. But there could be an upset from Tap Sounds Underground.

Tune in next week to see who makes it through to the finals.

Live to Dance airs on CBS Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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