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Seducing Cindy: Episode 4 Recap

Posted on 02/21/2010 by Gina in Seducing Cindy

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Seducing Cindy


by Gina Scarpa


Last night, on Seducing Cindy, Shaun gets some alone time with Cindy following the elimination ceremony. After a dip in the hot tub with her, he returns to the house to find a pissed off and jealous Jeffrey James. When JJ can't get anywhere with Shaun in terms of pushing his buttons, he turns on Nathan for no reason and calls him "fat boy". Eric C. steps in between the two and holds Nathan back from beating JJ to a pulp.


On to the first challenge: the guys will have to jump in a pool and retrieve pearls from locked treasure chests and make Cindy a necklace. Whoever make one the fastest, wins. Because there are so many guys, they go in two groups. Brian wins the first round and Nathan takes the second (because Kenny let him have the win and took one for the team).


For the second challenge, the guys run as fast as they can, blow up a doll, and bring it back... in their underwear. The first one back, wins. Eric C. pulls off a win and Christopher isn't too happy since he can't seem to buy a win for a challenge. Cindy goes over to him and gives the superfan a hug, which makes him feel much better.


Timmy calls Christopher a wimp (jerk) and Cindy kicks him right in the butt. He took it that she was flirting with him... but I think we're all pretty sure that she's not.


In the last challenge, the guys will shoot a bow and arrow through two balloons on a cutout of Cindy. The balloons are exactly where you would think they'd be. One by one, the guys step up to the plate but none can hit the target... until Jeffrey James, that is. He hit the balloon on his first try and then Evan E. hits one.


Back at the house, Chris realizes that someone put ExLax in his Pepsi after spending the night in the bathroom. That prank was pulled by the one and only Kenny, whose target was Timmy but ended up getting Chris by mistake. Kenny's plan isn't a total bomb. Chris blames Timmy for it and confronts him outside.


On Cindy's first date with Nathan and Jeffrey James, the tension is apparent. When Nathan tells Cindy what happened, she was pissed but JJ comes up with some explanation out of his you-know-where in order to save face. Nathan's had enough and tells her that he'd like to go home. I don't blame him. He most definitely didn't sign up for this and he's a really good guy... an emotional guy, but a good guy. Nathan heads back to the guys to deliver the news (tears and all) before heading home.


Cindy heads out on her second date with Eric C. and Eric E. She struggles a little with the age difference between herself and Eric C. but it's obvious that she really seems to have feelings for him. Cindy grabs a little alone time with Eric E. and gives him a kiss after telling him he looks handsome. He can barely contain his excitement that he's making out with Cindy Margolis. It's both awkward and cute at the same time.


Cindy's last date of the evening is with Brian, who seems to be her best match, in terms of age, ideas, and personality. If this is really about finding love, he's probably the person that she should be focusing on the most and keeping around.


Before the elimination ceremony, Christopher says his usual prayer and then things get underway. Two guys are headed home. Eric E., Brian, Kenny, Leighton, and Timmy are the first to be asked to stay. Cindy makes Chris impress her with his guitar in order to be able to stay. Apparently, it was good enough because he's staying, too.


Cindy eliminates Art. She had a great time with him in the hot tub but she doesn't see it working out.


Christopher is called up to state his case to stay. He tells her that all he wants is one date and the opportunity to show her that he's the man of her dreams. After stuttering through that speech, he's asked to stay. Jeffrey James is asked to stay and that leaves Eric C. and Shaun to find out who's staying and who's going.  In the end, it's Eric C. who has Cindy's heart but Shaun won't leave before reading a love letter that went on forever.  Thank you Seducing Cindy, for only making us endure 30 seconds of it. 



Seducing Cindy airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Fox Reality.


(Image courtesy of Fox Reality)


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