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Survivor: Samoa - Finale Recap

Posted on 12/20/2009 by Gina in Survivor

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Survivor: Samoa - Finale


by Gina Scarpa


I go into tonight’s finale of Survivor: Samoa nervous.  As I said in my finale predictions earlier today, there are so many factors with these final five players (Mick, Jaison, Natalie, Russell, and Brett) that could change the game at any given moment.  At the beginning of tonight’s episode, everyone at camp is sleeping.  Everyone, that is, except Russell.  Right now, it seems like Russell is the only one in his alliance that’s 100% in game mode.  Foa Foa is walking around mopey and scared that Brett is going to win another immunity challenge.


… Which brings us to tonight’s first immunity challenge.  Players must race across a net and a balance beam to retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces then back and up a steep ladder to a puzzle board.  Though Russell and Brett get off to a good start, everyone catches up and before you know, they’re all working on their puzzles.  Mick and Russell get close but can you believe it?  Brett wins immunity again!!  That screws my prediction that he was going home first tonight.  He waited until late in the game to kick it into high gear but man, it’s a little impressive, isn’t it?


At camp, it first seemed that Natalie’s head was on the chopping block but Russell wants her around sot the focus turns to Mick and Jaison.  As Russell and Natalie point out, there are good and bad points to keeping either of them.  Jaison won’t win any votes from the jury but sucks in challenges.  Mick is a stronger player and could win the million in the end.  When the votes are read, it’s Jaison who will become the first Foa Foa member to join the jury.


I’m just gonna say it: I have no ability to predict this season.  My future as a psychic looks pretty grim.


The next day, the remaining four players go on a journey atop the cliffs of Samoa and pay their respects to the players who came before them.  Usually, this a touching moment in the season but it seems like these people are having a hard time thinking of nice things to say about most of their competitors.


From there, they head straight to their final immunity challenge before the final tribal council.  The players must balance a statue on a pole and, in two minute increments, add another foot long pole on.  Mick dropped his statue first, followed by Natalie.  Russell and Brett were each balancing their statues on seven foot poles and it was intense and nervewracking for them for us watching at home!  Finally, Brett drops his statue and Russell wins, which guarantees him a spot at the final tribal council! 


It seems like it would be an easy decision to send Brett home but Russell seems to be struggling with it.  He actually likes and has respect for Brett and, in a way, wants to sit next to the best players in the end.  The problem is that the jury is full of Galu members so there’s no way that Brett would not walk away with the million.  At tribal council, Russell does the best thing for him and makes Brett the final member of the jury.


It’s time for the final tribal council and to see just how bitter the members of the jury are.  In their opening statements, Mick says that he stayed within the parameters he set for himself, Natalie thanks everyone for helping her get where she is, and Russell boldly states that he’s the best player and deserves the million.  Jaison asks each player to let the jury know who they really are and says that no one needs the money.  Shambo gives an overdramatic speech, calling Mick feckless (what?), Natalie a coattails rider, and promises neither will get her vote.


Webster’s Moment Of The Night: Feckless means weak, ineffective, worthless, and irresponsible.


Brett talks about going out on a bro date with Mick, Kelly accuses Natalie of needing help every step of the way, and Monica observes that Mick and Natalie lack passion for this game.  Dave asks everyone what they think their chances are of winning - Mick says 20%, Natalie says 30%, and Russell says 55%.  Russell tells Laura that if he didn’t take her out, she’d be sitting in his place right now.  Mick tries to play the “good guy” card to John to ask for his vote.  Erik asks no questions but hands the guys their asses: He tells Mick he never deserved to be a leader, calls Russell unethical and proud of it, and tells Natalie she’ll have his vote.  Quite a speech.


The jury votes… Jeff walks off into the jungle… and we’re magically transported back to L.A. for the live results and reunion of the cast.  Here are the votes: Natalie, Russell, Natalie, Russell, Natalie, Natalie, Natalie... NATALIE IS THE WINNER!

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