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The Great American Road Trip: Finale Recap

Posted on 08/24/2009 by Gina in The Great American Road trip

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The Great American Road Trip


by Gina Scarpa

Tonight, on the finale of The Great American Road Trip, the final two families make their way to the finish line – the Cootes and the DiSalvatores.  From the very beginning, I didn’t like the Cootes.  They have been cocky and rude the entire season.  As crazy as the DiSalvatores are, they’ve grown on me so I’m going to root for them here… especially since my beloved Pollard family was eliminated last week!

Reno meets up with the families and tells them that their final stop is in Los Angeles.  He gives each team a cube and tells them they’ll need to collect three more cubes in order to get to the final challenge.  The cubes have pictures on them, which will give them clues on where they need to go.  The first cube leads them to the airport but Silvio and Amy are arguing about who’s going to drive, which stresses out their kids.  They’re going to have to work together if they have any hope of winning this thing.

At the airport, the teams anxiously wait to board a plane but are instead surprised by other family members, who hand them their second cubes.  The Cootes rudely rushed towards Amy’s mom to grab a cube out of her hands.  Finally, Jennifer’s mom shows up to give her family their own cube.  Jen grabs the cube before even hugging her own mother.  I can’t stand them!! 

The next top is Universal Studios and receive a VIP tour on the back lot.  At the Jaws part of the ride, the families spot the next cube and the kids take off running for it.  That cube tells them that they need to head to the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.  These families are getting to see so many cool things – this must have been such a great experience.  I’m a little bit jealous! 

First, they check into the Roosevelt Hotel and have dinner at separate tables, because they just can’t get along or even be in the same room, really.  Silvio tries to make a nice toast, but the Cootes basically ignore him.  It’s too bad that negativity has to be part of this finale.  The next morning, they join Reno for breakfast but instead of food, he serves them their last cubes.

After putting all of the cubes together, they realize that their final stop is Santa Monica Pier where they will compete in the challenge that is worth $100,000.  No pressure, though!  The families will have to take cubes that have photos of them along their journey down Route 66 and put them in the correct order.  The DiSalvatores are up first and get very confused by the pictures, particularly, one of them in front of a statue of Lincoln.  The Cootes aren’t faring any better, because some of the pictures are of places they haven’t even been.


Mason DiSalvatore starts to get on to something, when he realizes that two of the cubes are from the same state.  Meanwhile, the Cootes just scream at each other, telling each other to shut up, and refusing to work together.  Thanks to Mason, the DiSalvatores finally figure it out and solve their puzzle first.  When the Cootes realize they lost, Cassidy tells her parents that they suck.  Wow.  Was there anyone who wanted them to win, after the way that they've behaved?


The DiSalvatores are the winners... DiSalvatores on three!


(Image courtesy of NBC)


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