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Female, 28, cleveland OH

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Current OccupationPharmacy Technician
EducationSome College
Marital StatusSingle
Has ChildrenNo
Sexual orientationGay

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Hi Mone

Posted 12/20/2016 02:24 am

Suzy said:

On my previous job I got fired b/c I asked my boss how she combed her hair so her horns wouldn't show. I hope you have a great tgif and weekend! Votes are in. :)

Posted 01/15/2016 02:34 am

Suzy said:

I have a rule: If the temperature is lower than my age, I don't get out of bed... Have a great Thursday! Votes are in. :)

Posted 01/14/2016 11:49 pm

Suzy said:

Who cares if the cup is 1/2 empty or 1/2 full. All I know is there's more room for more coffee! Have a great Sunday! Votes are in. :)

Posted 01/10/2016 09:10 pm

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About Me

Acting/Talent Experience:
I have the talent to put a smile on any sour puss face. I love to entertain and make people feel good.
Am I affiliated with unions?:
A major event in my life was:
A major event in my life would be me finishing school and attending college. I had a great feeling of accomplishment and unstoppable power. But deep down inside I knew I wanted to be on Tv. So I let my self get side tracked with my talent of entertaining my classmates. It's like a drug to me knowing I can get that kind of reaction out of people. I love it.
The accomplishment I am most proud of:
Working at The Cleveland Clinic and helping the patients. They love me and also look forward to seeing me for a good laugh.
An embarrassing story about me was:
So I'm into women it's no mystery. I'm going on and on about this woman I'm madly in love with. Telling any one who would listen to me I would let them know what I was all aboutz if You ask any one they would tell you none of my conversations are children friendly. So I'm in the middle of a "what I would do to her if she came home with me" and as I'm explaining how I would give her the best night of her life she walks up behind Me. She pulls my ass out as says " I don't like pancakes"!
My favorite TV Show:
Everybody loves raymond
My best Physical Trait is:
My smile
Topics off limit to me at a party are:
Do I have tattoos or piercings:
Yes I have the traditional ear piercing. I have an upper arm tattoo for my nephew who passes away. I have my name on my wrist which was my very first tattoo. I regret that one every time I see it. My be getting it covered up soon. Have two sayings on my forearms.
The weirdest thing about me is:
I'm kind of ocd. I'll put things in certain spots in a certain way. I'll know if someone was messing with it. It drives me nuts if it's out its spot.
My friends would say my best qualities are:
My energy I bring. My personality, everyone loves me.
My friends would say my worst qualities are:
The fact that I can be a womanizer.
The personality traits I most like about myself are:
The fact that I can make anyone bad day a good day. I love to see people happy and enjoying themselves.
The personality traits I like least about myself are:
The fact that I will put my self last to please someone first. I will give my last to help another.
Miscellaneous Information:
I'm so ready to rock this shit!!!!!!