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Female, Brooklyn NY

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Current OccupationBartender / actress
Previous Job 1Mixologist
Previous Job 2Battleground extra
Previous Job 3Hairdresser/make-up artist
EducationHigh School
Marital StatusDivorced
Has ChildrenYes
Sexual orientationStraight


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About Me

Acting/Talent Experience:
I did a great play call sisters on fire on off Broadway I have also done a bunch of background work on TV shows like- blue blood , orange is themes black, black List, etc. I also did a pilot for a new up-and-coming TV show , I did a commercial for Facebook, the list goes on and on
Am I affiliated with unions?:
A major event in my life was:
When my husband abandoned me and my children without any warning or signs, it was very dramatic and depressed. I fell under the radar for a while but as strong as I am ,I am back on my feet again , it took me some time now- I’m ready to face the next chapter of my life .
The accomplishment I am most proud of:
When it comes to being a licensed cosmetologist I was rewarded to take a trip to Switzerland for a hair seminar free of charge, everything was included / paid for and I was very very grateful for that , I have done tons of back ground acting which has led me to meeting some of the great lead actors with huge names in the industry.I was privileged to have the chance of attending American bartending school in NY and upon completing I have worked and hosted great parties for some power players
An embarrassing story about me was:
I went crazy - crazier than people thought I already was when I came home one day to see my husband gone and all his belongings out of the house . I did some embarrassing stuff out of anger/pain - frustration that I don’t even want to talk about. Now looking back ,I am so embarrassed and ashamed to see the same people I was calling a 100 times a day Including his job’s supervisor ,my family and close friends ,down to my children .
My favorite Movie:
Titanic , The head of Medusa , pretty woman , The bodyguard
My favorite TV Show:
Love and hip are (all franchise ) True blood , sons of anarchy
My best Physical Trait is:
The Teeth, the Eyes , the Skin
Topics off limit to me at a party are:
Politics and private personal issues
Do I have tattoos or piercings:
Hidden tattoos, I have a tribal tattoo on my arm, a tribute tattoo on Both wrists
The weirdest thing about me is:
I look Serious/ mean at the first glens /sight / looks at me until we get closer or become friends cl
My friends would say my best qualities are:
That I am a great Listener , gives great advice ,there when needed , very helpful and Kind but straightforward , great mother and a little stubborn at times
My friends would say my worst qualities are:
Crying, tolerating nonsense , entertaining the unnecessary
The personality traits I most like about myself are:
Very outgoing , very smiley, overprotective , out spoken , very positive , Living in the moment , spontaneous Very honest and straight to the point , optimistic
The personality traits I like least about myself are:
anger , Inpatient sometimes , getting too involved and or too concern
Miscellaneous Information:
I am honestly very interested and available to work even harder , change my life completely in the next year coming up. I am ready to leave all that has happened in the past and give myself a fresh start in all aspects of my life