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Jennifer said:

Hey I hope you have a lovely day! follow me on twitter!!! @JenniferLePage

Posted 09/07/2010 02:24 pm

Jennifer said:

I hope everyone gets the parts they want! I try to vote every day so if you vote for me I will vote for you! Have a lovely day.

Posted 08/19/2010 02:40 pm

Jennifer said:

Hey! I'm sorry I have been gone for so long but I am back now and better than ever! I am voting for everyone and wanted to say hi! Break a leg on all of your auditions! Have a lovely day! Jennifer LePage

Posted 08/18/2010 01:28 pm

samantha said:

didn't see anything to vote 4--- you put it up and I'll be all over that

Posted 07/13/2010 12:51 am

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