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Eboni said:


Posted 01/03/2009 11:02 pm

Rachel said:

Hope Santa was good to ya!

Posted 12/26/2008 06:41 am

Eboni said:

Here are your Monday votes: )

Posted 12/22/2008 02:43 pm

Rachel said:


Posted 12/22/2008 09:20 am

TALINA said:

voted and thank you...

Posted 12/19/2008 09:23 pm

David said:


Posted 12/19/2008 08:54 pm

brittany said:

voted voted voted!!!!!!!!Have a merry x-mas!

Posted 12/19/2008 02:03 pm

Eboni said:

Jst voted:)

Posted 12/19/2008 12:11 am

brittany said:

voted,, good luck!

Posted 12/16/2008 04:18 pm

Tina said:

"The way you spend Christmas is far more important than how much you spend on Christmas."...freezing Friday vote #7 :}~

Posted 12/12/2008 09:44 pm

Tina said:

"Every new friend is a new door to a different world."...Tuesday's vote #4...have a good day Jason ;]

Posted 12/09/2008 10:33 am

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