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MarkAnthony said:


Posted 02/02/2009 03:02 pm

rashad said:

whats good ma thanks for the holla hit me up

Posted 10/31/2008 03:28 pm

Kendee said:


Posted 10/15/2008 11:35 am

Tanya said:

47. Have a great weekend :)

Posted 10/10/2008 12:36 pm

Amy said:

Voted for Wednesday!! Sorry, I have been slackin off on my daily votes. School has got me stressed out and tired! For the past 2 weeks I have had at least 4 tests a week. So you can imagine I am now a coffee addict. But NE who, will be back to return some love tomorrow. Have a rockin day!

Posted 10/01/2008 02:45 pm

Amy said:

Voted for today! thanks for your support!

Posted 09/23/2008 05:52 pm

Christi said:

Voted for ya, hon! Best of luck! XOXO

Posted 09/20/2008 11:45 pm

Amy said:

Voted for today!! Spreading love because my fav college football team won, ROLL TIDE!! NE who, good luck and best wishes! I will be back to vote 2morrow!! TTYL!

Posted 09/20/2008 08:32 pm

Amy said:

HELLO!!! Stopping by to show my daily love and support by voting. If only I voted like this for my fav American Idol contestant then maybe they would win, LOL!! Have a rockin weekend!! XOXO Amy

Posted 09/19/2008 07:25 pm

vikki said:

votes are in for the day plz vote for me when u can, thanks in advance.

Posted 09/18/2008 04:54 pm

Amy said:

Voted for today! I haven't been showing my daily love cuz I have had a rough week! You know one of those weeks where everyday something bad or messed up happens. IT SUCKS!! But NE who I will be back to vote tomorrow as long as no one steals my computer!! TTYL!!

Posted 09/18/2008 11:10 am

Jason said:

Voted! Sorry for the delay in voting lately, I just got back from taping a court show! Thanks RealityWanted!!

Posted 09/17/2008 11:38 am

vikki said:

votes are in plz return the love when you get a chance thanks in advance

Posted 09/16/2008 06:16 pm

Amy said:

Todays votes are in!! YAY!! Hit me back when you get a chance!!

Posted 09/15/2008 05:07 pm

vikki said:

votes are in return the love when you can thanks in advance.

Posted 09/14/2008 08:58 pm

Amy said:

Voted for today! Been out of town so I haven't been able to show my daily love. Hit me back when you get a chance! Well hope you have a rockin week!! TTYL!

Posted 09/14/2008 01:29 pm

robert said:

9/11/2008. here again people. voteing again as always. all shows if you have more than one. and vote for show seven if i am enrolled in the same one.

Posted 09/11/2008 08:04 pm

Amy said:

Voted for today!! Good luck with everything. I will be back tomorrow and vote some more and so on and so on! You know the drill!! TTYL!

Posted 09/11/2008 07:49 pm

roxanna said:


Posted 09/11/2008 03:16 pm

robert said:

just got on to give my votes.for all shows if more than one.

Posted 09/10/2008 06:10 pm

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