Male, 33, Sacramento CA


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Jon said:

thanks you so much for being my friend and I wish you all the best with everything you do. please let me know if you ever wanna talk or need help with anything. have a great day and I hope to hear from you soon, my friend.

Posted 04/04/2012 08:24 pm

Jon said:

have a great day and a wonderful week my friend!!

Posted 03/19/2012 11:22 pm

Jon said:

I had some questions about that company that was talking with me about making a movie and it looks like thay're a big bunch of scam artists, so I'm gonna have to take myself and my movie idea to another entertainment studio. do you know of any other than New Shows Studios?

Posted 03/09/2012 07:00 pm

Jon said:

it would be so cool to see you on movies/tv, but you have to sign up for the casting calls on here first.

Posted 02/24/2012 11:00 pm

Jon said:

thanks for the votes and have a great weekend!!

Posted 02/17/2012 12:49 am

Jon said:

thanks for being my friend on here and have a great day!!

Posted 02/14/2012 04:23 pm

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