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My Casting Calls

Men With Anxiety

A talk show hosted by world renowned life coach is looking to help men who suffer from anxiety. Do your finances keep you up at night? Relationship problems? PTSD? All anxiety issues wanted.

Need Help with Fears, Worries, or Relationships?

Seeking guests for a daytime talk show. Are you struggling with fears or phobias and need help getting through everyday life? Are you constantly worried or anxiety-ridden? Are there relationships in your…

Out of Control Teen

Seeking parents of an out of control teen, for a daytime talk show. Do you have an out of control teenager and need help getting them in line? Do you worry they won't finish school? Do you worry they…

Need to Share Your Story

NATIONAL TALK SHOW Have an unbelievable story that you think the public can learn from? Were you in the news and you want to share your side of the story? Is it finally time for you to open up? We want…


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