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Male, 19, Garden City NY


Casey Michele

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Current Occupationstudent
Previous Job 1Intern at Upright Citizens Brigade [Arts/Entertainment/Publishing] (2017 - 2017)
Previous Job 2House Manager at Baltimore Improv Group [Arts/Entertainment/Publishing] (2016 - 2018)
Previous Job 3Full time File Clerk at Law Firm [Legal] (2015 - 2018)
EducationHigh School
Marital StatusSingle
Has ChildrenNo
Sexual orientationStraight
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Casey Michele said:

VTS R N! Have a great week :)

Posted 04/24/2017 07:51 pm

Casey Michele said:


Posted 04/14/2017 07:29 am

Casey Michele said:

VTS R N! Have a great day :)

Posted 04/12/2017 10:39 am

Casey Michele said:

VTS R N! Have a lovely day :)

Posted 04/11/2017 10:50 am

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About Me

Acting/Talent Experience:
I make sketch comedy videos on my personal youtube channel, Loud Milk Productions, as well as for a channel I am a producer for, Hello Generic. I started an improv troupe at my school, Loyola University Maryland. I regularly perform at and take classes with Baltimore Improv Group. I have also acted in a Netflix Science Show for kids, which should be released 2018. I was in a Sketch Comedy troupe during the summer of 2017, called Sisterwives, and we performed shows all around New York City.
Am I affiliated with unions?:
A major event in my life was:
One of my best friends passed away of pediatric cancer in September of 2017. He started and contributed to many charities throughout his whole life, and he was an inspiration for everybody in our community. It put life in a whole new perspective for me, since it wasn't "fair" that such a good guy like him died so young. It forced me to analyze what's "fair" and what isn't. And honestly, it was very refreshing to realize that nothing is fair. Life is unpredictable and short, so let's LIVE it.
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